Movie Review: Toxic Skies

23 11 2010

Toxic Skies is an unheard of, never made the theaters, or even HBO and others lol. Came out on DVD and that is it, with a bunch of unheard of actors except for the protagonist Anne Heche.

The movie deals with a pandemic, a new virus, unheard of and clearly with no cure for it… seemingly at least.

Just another Hollywood adaptation to a so called conspiracy theory which got turned in to a movie.

To my thinking, this movie did not make it big because it shows a very real issue that most people don’t know about. Chem trails, they are real and more likely an actual reason for some currently happening unheard of diseases such as the Morgellons disease… for info on morgellons.

Now for those of you interested in watching this, it is available on Netflix instant watch.




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