Shitty week

28 06 2012

Tahoe!! Going to Tahoe this weekend, really looking forward to hanging out at the lake all day Saturday and go gamble at night.

Have had a pretty crappy week, losing my job, trying to figure out what to do, but other doors are hopefully opening for me quickly, I’ve got a bunch of awesome friends, family and girlfriend that are being very supportive and it’s making it all so much easier.

In other news, I bought a car last Saturday, coincidently my last day of work at the OG. Looking real good, very happy with it, super comfy too.

Here’s a pic:



So hopefully I’ll be hearing back from these places I’ve just applied to, would definitely like to have a Monday thru Friday job with good benefits, hope that all goes through : )

So next time I post here, luck permitting, I’ll have a job.




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