30 11 2010

So last Friday, my girlfriend Krystal and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary… well not really, we celebrated on Saturday night since it was all in the middle of thanksgiving and black Friday and all that good stuff.

On Saturday night, we went to Claim Jumpers, which in fact is the place where i took her out to on our first date.

We had fun, didn’t eat…. not really, we had 2 appetizers and dessert!! and drinks since she is now 21, quite convenient since we can go out more now.

Here is a picture of my babe before we had our chocolate chip calzone.

I love you Krystal!


Last week…

30 11 2010

… was a very eventful one lol.

hung out a few days of the week, including the night before thanksgiving… DRINKING! thanksgiving…. had good ol dinner and … DRINKING after party at my place lol, black friday, woke up kinda early and did some black friday shopping, got some Xmas shopping and shopping for my girl since it was our anniversary, then i had work at night, Saturday went to Placerville for thanksgiving part 2, then afterward got to actually celebrate our anniversary.

All in all, have been kinda busy.

here is a quick pick of thanksgiving dinner with the fam.

Due Date.

16 11 2010

So this past weekend Krystal and i watched the movie Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galafianakis, Jamie Foxx and the one chick from Eagle Eye.

The story in the movie is real good. Downey Jr. is great as usual, and Galafianakis remains odd, awkward and still hilarious.

Now if you are trying to compare to other recent comedies, it is definitely not a movie I would rate as high as the Hangover, Superbad or Pineapple Express BUT it was still really funny.

I give it a 4 out of 5.

****   <this is my lame 4 star rating lol

So do go watch it in my opinion, you’ll get a good kick out of it, its a most watch even if you wait for it to be out on DVD or on HBO lol

Hangin with the fam bam.

11 11 2010

Here’s a quick post for reference in case I write about my family and you don’t know who I’m talking about, this is how you can put a face to the names.

Here’s Krystal and Ronnie dog.