Back.. at least for now

14 01 2011

So my last post on here was just over a month ago and it was a movie review… really slacking here.

What’s happened lately? exactly what was expected, awesomeness!

Christmas time was great, got to give some great gifts to my loved ones, got some awesome gifts myself, I was given a PS3 from my Krystal, my parents gave me a travel bag for my bodyboards, it can hold all 3 of them, my swim fins, wetsuit and all i could need to ride some waves, and my sister and her husband got me an awesome gift card for H&M which I redeemed for some much needed new pairs of jeans, which I’ve been wearing since I got lol.

New years was fun, my sister traveled back home after spending xmas in New York with her in laws, we did a bunch of drinking and hanging out with the family during xmas and new years, hung out with my friends on the 1st.

So far the year is going great, i was able to save some money during the xmas week since we were busy enough at work and bought myself a netbook which is what I’m using right now.

Either way, for those of you reading, you are somewhat caught up to what I’ve been up to, and to those who have been there sharing these memories with me; thank you for being there.

Need to sleep now, have a good one. I shall post here more often… hopefully.


Last week…

30 11 2010

… was a very eventful one lol.

hung out a few days of the week, including the night before thanksgiving… DRINKING! thanksgiving…. had good ol dinner and … DRINKING after party at my place lol, black friday, woke up kinda early and did some black friday shopping, got some Xmas shopping and shopping for my girl since it was our anniversary, then i had work at night, Saturday went to Placerville for thanksgiving part 2, then afterward got to actually celebrate our anniversary.

All in all, have been kinda busy.

here is a quick pick of thanksgiving dinner with the fam.

My mom is a Cancer survivor

3 11 2010

In other news, I’m really happy and thankful that now that we got the info about my mom being cancer free after her surgery a week and a half ago, she’s going through a great and fairly quick recovery of which she still has about a month left.

One thing is for sure, I’m really excited that I will have my mom for a really long while still, she’s about the sweetest person you could meet, everybody loves her and she cares for everyone, most definitely sets the example for all that surround her.

My mom is now a Cancer survivor and I am thankful for it.