Last week…

30 11 2010

… was a very eventful one lol.

hung out a few days of the week, including the night before thanksgiving… DRINKING! thanksgiving…. had good ol dinner and … DRINKING after party at my place lol, black friday, woke up kinda early and did some black friday shopping, got some Xmas shopping and shopping for my girl since it was our anniversary, then i had work at night, Saturday went to Placerville for thanksgiving part 2, then afterward got to actually celebrate our anniversary.

All in all, have been kinda busy.

here is a quick pick of thanksgiving dinner with the fam.


Bout to do some drinksies

7 11 2010

After a fairly long but good day at work, it is time to let the weekend unleash its alcohol and let us drink until we can’t feel feelings anymore.

Hanging out with Krystal, Roy, Steph, Yas, Aly, Mario and Shelley, which we haven’t all hung out in a long while together.

I must say I’m real happy with how today turned out, made some money, made people happy and I’m bout to get my drink on.


here’s a random picture of a Sea Lion. Enjoy!

Random Sea Lion at Santa Cruz Pier