Pathfinder is on track…

16 11 2010

… to find more paths : D

Spent a few hours on my Pathfinder, the rear passenger side brakes were beat to hell and back, brake pads completely gone, and it destroyed my rotor, today I replaced the pads and and both rotors on the rear, now the car is back up and running, ready to go back on its path finding journey.

Winter beach trips? sure why not, I got a wetsuit, Tahoe trips? hopefully, I don’t know if I trust it that much to drive it that far and put so many miles in one trip.

All in all, it was a more productive day than my usual days off.



My car is alive!! kinda… not really

4 11 2010

Took some time today to check on the car one more time, Krystal had her friend Spencer who is a certified mechanic, looked at a few things here and there, tweaked a few things, sprayed some carb cleaner into the intake piping and BAM!! got it to start up, it wouldn’t hold idle but it ran, ran like crap and misfired but it ran.

It had been about a year since I heard my car running, it felt great and bad at the same time, good because it finally ran for a bit, felt bad because I’m still not sure of what the issue is with the car but i really hope I can get it running properly.

Here’s for wishful thinking…