2 05 2011

Seriously, how convenient… not sure how people can’t see it right in their face.

Osama Bin Laden dead… has been dead for a week, Obama makes himself look like the hero, he prevailed against terror… a week after his “real” birth certificate was released… and just before the democrats prepare to start the re-election campaign for Obama.

Our government is but so understanding and nice to give Bin Laden a proper burial under “Islamic Law” yet we couldn’t just capture his and trial him for the “terror attacks” he orchestrated back in 2001.

How convenient is it that he had to be buried within 24 hours of being killed, yet he was killed about a week ago according to the news, no images of his body.

Justice has been brought to America.

Yet even our previous president said he was not worried about Bin Laden, to worry about one person is pretty much pointless…

You ask me, this whole “U S A!! U S A!! U S A!!” chants just bring back memories of when this whole war started, this “patriotism” is exactly what Obama is looking for, he’s getting his approval rate up in order to get re-elected president.

Now the president says “now more than ever we need to be more vigilant” now if you ask me, clearly… this is only about to get bigger, another false flag attack in order to demonize “terrorists” and give Obama the Superman outfit they did during his presidential campaign, it’s just what he needs.


Bush pulled it off before, Clinton pulled it off before, Obama has only but continued and prolonged Bush’s policies and wars as well as expanded them.


-Lester Ramos


Movie Review: Toxic Skies

23 11 2010

Toxic Skies is an unheard of, never made the theaters, or even HBO and others lol. Came out on DVD and that is it, with a bunch of unheard of actors except for the protagonist Anne Heche.

The movie deals with a pandemic, a new virus, unheard of and clearly with no cure for it… seemingly at least.

Just another Hollywood adaptation to a so called conspiracy theory which got turned in to a movie.

To my thinking, this movie did not make it big because it shows a very real issue that most people don’t know about. Chem trails, they are real and more likely an actual reason for some currently happening unheard of diseases such as the Morgellons disease…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh2NzNk353I for info on morgellons.

Now for those of you interested in watching this, it is available on Netflix instant watch.

The Obama Deception

3 11 2010

Testing Video links…

This is a must watch for you to be informed on what REALLY goes on in our government.

You don’t have to believe this but think about it, it does raise some very interesting questions about our president and the previous ones.

Take a couple hours of your life to watch this, for me and you ; )

We must all take part on stopping this road to a communist government, it has happened before in many many sovereign countries and it could very well happen again but this time in our country.