Ups and downs

18 11 2010

Not emotional ones though. MONEY!! Yesterday I made some good money at work, today not so much, it’s a cool idea to be in the position where I control how much money I make… sort of, because sometimes even though you are busting your ass to make sure you make the most out of it, you don’t make such great money.

Either way, it is still making money, and it pays the bills so we can’t all really complain, after all we weren’t meant to be big ballers, riding fancy cars and all that.

To remain content and self sufficient is the life for us. To live free or die. I believe that’s the only purpose of life worth anything.

Nuff said.


First Post!

1 11 2010

Not so interesting, still Halloween here yet on this site it shows that it is Nov the 1st already.

I’ve got a lot in my mind but not much really to put down on here. Tomorrow will be my first real post, better yet, later today will be.  You’ll find out much about my thoughts and beliefs throughout this week.

First things first… Let’s go Giants1