Shitty week

28 06 2012

Tahoe!! Going to Tahoe this weekend, really looking forward to hanging out at the lake all day Saturday and go gamble at night.

Have had a pretty crappy week, losing my job, trying to figure out what to do, but other doors are hopefully opening for me quickly, I’ve got a bunch of awesome friends, family and girlfriend that are being very supportive and it’s making it all so much easier.

In other news, I bought a car last Saturday, coincidently my last day of work at the OG. Looking real good, very happy with it, super comfy too.

Here’s a pic:



So hopefully I’ll be hearing back from these places I’ve just applied to, would definitely like to have a Monday thru Friday job with good benefits, hope that all goes through : )

So next time I post here, luck permitting, I’ll have a job.


Jobless… Yet again

26 06 2012

Pretty lame how a simple honest mistake has landed me right into being unemployed again, just out of nowhere right when things were going pretty good for me.

You start thinking.. If only it had been someone else who made the other mistake… The second mistake would have not happened.

Regardless of it all, this sucks horribly, now I’m freaking out about this all because I have nothing else to do and the job hunt situation out there is absolutely ridiculous, specially for someone that just got terminated from their last job.

Now if anyone actually reads this, I apologize for wasting your time, just needed to let it out, sucks that the only time I write on here again now is just because I lost my job and I haven’t been on in over a year…



2 05 2011

Seriously, how convenient… not sure how people can’t see it right in their face.

Osama Bin Laden dead… has been dead for a week, Obama makes himself look like the hero, he prevailed against terror… a week after his “real” birth certificate was released… and just before the democrats prepare to start the re-election campaign for Obama.

Our government is but so understanding and nice to give Bin Laden a proper burial under “Islamic Law” yet we couldn’t just capture his and trial him for the “terror attacks” he orchestrated back in 2001.

How convenient is it that he had to be buried within 24 hours of being killed, yet he was killed about a week ago according to the news, no images of his body.

Justice has been brought to America.

Yet even our previous president said he was not worried about Bin Laden, to worry about one person is pretty much pointless…

You ask me, this whole “U S A!! U S A!! U S A!!” chants just bring back memories of when this whole war started, this “patriotism” is exactly what Obama is looking for, he’s getting his approval rate up in order to get re-elected president.

Now the president says “now more than ever we need to be more vigilant” now if you ask me, clearly… this is only about to get bigger, another false flag attack in order to demonize “terrorists” and give Obama the Superman outfit they did during his presidential campaign, it’s just what he needs.


Bush pulled it off before, Clinton pulled it off before, Obama has only but continued and prolonged Bush’s policies and wars as well as expanded them.


-Lester Ramos

Back.. at least for now

14 01 2011

So my last post on here was just over a month ago and it was a movie review… really slacking here.

What’s happened lately? exactly what was expected, awesomeness!

Christmas time was great, got to give some great gifts to my loved ones, got some awesome gifts myself, I was given a PS3 from my Krystal, my parents gave me a travel bag for my bodyboards, it can hold all 3 of them, my swim fins, wetsuit and all i could need to ride some waves, and my sister and her husband got me an awesome gift card for H&M which I redeemed for some much needed new pairs of jeans, which I’ve been wearing since I got lol.

New years was fun, my sister traveled back home after spending xmas in New York with her in laws, we did a bunch of drinking and hanging out with the family during xmas and new years, hung out with my friends on the 1st.

So far the year is going great, i was able to save some money during the xmas week since we were busy enough at work and bought myself a netbook which is what I’m using right now.

Either way, for those of you reading, you are somewhat caught up to what I’ve been up to, and to those who have been there sharing these memories with me; thank you for being there.

Need to sleep now, have a good one. I shall post here more often… hopefully.

The Road… (delayed)

1 12 2010

So for this weeks movie review…
I am late one day lol

The movie “The Road” based from the novel my Cormac McCarthy, this story deals with a father and son just doing their best to survive and continue their lives as a family against all odds, it takes place in regular cities and small towns, the small twist is that in this time there is no actual civilization, government or anything like it, it takes place after a seemingly war related Armageddon.

Highly recommended by me, I’m not gonna lie, it’s a fairly slow movie, yet so interesting, shows how to use what’s left several years after people to survive without resources.

this one gets a 4 out of 5



30 11 2010

So last Friday, my girlfriend Krystal and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary… well not really, we celebrated on Saturday night since it was all in the middle of thanksgiving and black Friday and all that good stuff.

On Saturday night, we went to Claim Jumpers, which in fact is the place where i took her out to on our first date.

We had fun, didn’t eat…. not really, we had 2 appetizers and dessert!! and drinks since she is now 21, quite convenient since we can go out more now.

Here is a picture of my babe before we had our chocolate chip calzone.

I love you Krystal!

Last week…

30 11 2010

… was a very eventful one lol.

hung out a few days of the week, including the night before thanksgiving… DRINKING! thanksgiving…. had good ol dinner and … DRINKING after party at my place lol, black friday, woke up kinda early and did some black friday shopping, got some Xmas shopping and shopping for my girl since it was our anniversary, then i had work at night, Saturday went to Placerville for thanksgiving part 2, then afterward got to actually celebrate our anniversary.

All in all, have been kinda busy.

here is a quick pick of thanksgiving dinner with the fam.